Privacy Statement

What data does collect and why?

If you are browsing the service

If you are looking at site with or without working on repositories the webserver will log your IP address. This is done for diagnostics purposes and abuse prevention (i.e. if there are too many requests from one IP indicating a malfunctioning/malicious script). Your IP will not be linked to your account in any database operated by Gitcheck.

If you are using to work on git repositories.

The purpose of is to provide tooling to improve source code quality. As such, the service has to look at the source code you instruct it to. The source code you analyze with is not shared with any third parties except for GitHub should you choose to commit your changes to your repository.

In order to improve the Gitcheck service it is important for us to better understand how it is used. For this purpose we may collect user data such as session-duration, how often certain features are used, etc.

Use of cookies & tracking requires cookies to work. Cookies are used to establish sessions and keep you logged in. does not use third party tracking and does not track your activity on other websites. collects data on how you use the service, including but not limited to how many repositories you use the service on and how frequently you use the service. This is done primarily to improve the usability and usefulness of the service.

Data shared with third parties

Summary: Gitcheck recognizes that your personal information, your source code especially, is sensitive. Your personal information will generally never be shared with third parties unless you explicitly instruct the Gitcheck service to to so. Data shared with third parties falls in two categories: data that the underlying internet infrastructures use and data you instruct the service to send to and receive from GitHub.

There are two third parties that may see some of your usage data.

The server that Gitcheck runs on is located in a server farm within the european union. The hosting provider might log your IP address and other data, this is not within the control of Gitcheck, however no data is intentionally shared with the server hoster.

Gitcheck uses the GitHub API to integrate it's service tightly with publicly hosted repositories. GitHub will see the changes to your code that you push to it's service through Gitcheck. does not make use of tracking tools that transmit any data to other servers than No third party CDNs are used.